The Cutest Phone Charms For Your iPhone

 Phone charms are a fun way to spice up your tech bling and express your style. So, we made a list of our top favorite phone charms and phone case pairings for you!

   1. Pink Pearl and Pearl Phone Charm

The name says it all! The iridescent pearls make you shine


   2. Evil Eyez and Evil Eye Phone Charm

Our best-selling duo was designed to keep your energy aligned


   3. Mariposa and Butterfly Phone Charm

If you're obsessed with butterflies this is totally for you

   4. Black Evil eye and Midnight Phone Charm

Our best-seller but in black!

   5. Pink Evil eye and rainbow phone charm

Add some color into your world with this cute af duo!

   6. Sunflower and Sunflower Charm

Bloom bright with this majestic pairing!


   7. Brownie and belle phone charm

The perfect touch of dazzle to your iPhone


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