Time for a Phone Refresh

So, we’ve all been there, scrolling through our phones, and thinking, “Ugh, this is a hot mess.” Apps we never use, pics from 2017 we forgot existed, and emails... so. many. emails. It's time we hit the refresh button on our digital lives.


Here's a few ways to start:


Digital Declutter

Haven't opened an app in months? Thank it for its service and say bye. Next up, our camera roll. Keep the memories, but maybe not the 30 takes it took to get that one Insta-worthy shot. And contacts – do you really need to keep your ex's number?



Social Revamp

Our feeds are always influencing us whether we realize it or not. Unfollow accounts that don’t bring you absolute joy or inspo. Tighten up those privacy settings to keep a close circle, and let’s not forget to revamp your profile with a cute new pic and bio.



Home Screen Makeover

Your home screen is your digital home, so give it the love it deserves. Keep only what you need at your fingertips, and let’s set a wallpaper that makes you feel inspired or helps brighten your mood.


Focus Modes

Customize your own focus modes for each activity or routine. To create new modes, go to settings > focus > customize and add your personalized touch to zone in on your study sesh or workout.


Screen Time Check

Let's talk screen time. It’s all about balance, right? Check in with how much time you’re spending online, and maybe consider setting some boundaries. Your eyes (and mind) will thank you.



Upgrade Your Case

A phone refresh wouldn't be complete without a new case!

Check out our newest case arrivals to finish your makeover.


And just like that, you’ve got yourself a phone that feels totally new <3


And as always,

Be Confidently You




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