If Disney Princesses Were Phone Cases

Who says you need a ball gown to channel your inner princess? In our latest blog, we're having a little fun by pairing our iPhone cases with the beloved Disney princesses we all know and love. Whether you're as book-smart as Belle or as free-spirited as Jasmine, we've got a case match for your favorite Princess.


Ariel - Priscilla iPhone Case

The pink bows are so Ariel.


Jasmine - Turquoise Evil Eyez iPhone Case

We can totally see Jasmine protecting her energy with the evil eye.


Moana - Layla iPhone Case

Do we even need to explain this one?

Elsa - 777 iPhone Case

The icey color pallet is totally Elsa's vibe.


Snow White - Kiss Me iPhone Case

She loves a good red lip.


Tiana - Sage Marble iPhone Case

She always wears her favorite color.


Aurora - Blossom iPhone Case

Her love for pink and prince charming.



Belle - Lemon Drop iPhone Case

The colors match her aesthetic perfectly.


Rapunzel - Pink Aura iPhone Case

Her literal aura on a case.


Cinderella - 11:11 iPhone Case

Her secret lucky number.

Mulan - Don't Touch iPhone Case

It's giving badass just like Mulan.


Pochahantas - Planet Earth iPhone Case

The nature lover's case match is obviously about saving the planet.

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