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Your New Astro X Zodiac Blunt Case

So, you've just bought a zodiac case now what?

Congrats! You're now a part of the Blunt Community. A collective that bluntly expresses their individuality. 

Your new zodiac case is the perfect way to show off your astrology sign which features your zodiacs best traits and constellation. The signature Blunt QR Code also gives you access to your natal chart. Once you receive your case, scan the QR code right from your iPhone camera to view your entire astrological chart in two simple steps! Share the QR code with your friends to compare birth charts and zodiac compatibility. 

Step 1 : Scan the QR code

You will be directed to a birth chart generator 

Step 2 : Enter your info

To get your birth chart you will need

Name: John Doe

Pronoun: He

Date you were born: November 11th, 1997

Time you were born: 3:55 AM

Location you were born: Denver, Colorado  

then click submit         

John Doe's Birth Chart 

What exactly is a birth chart? 

A birth chart is a snapshot of the sky at the moment you were born from Earth's point of view. This is represented through complex diagrams. Professional astrologers who've studied birth charts for years can take up to many hours to decipher them. However, with the Blunt QR code you can find out a summary of your entire chart in under a minute! The birth chart generator will not only generate your natal chart, but it will also provide you with detailed descriptions on what each portion of your chart means about you. There's a lot more to every individual than that which meets the eye, so understand a piece of yourself by exploring what your astrology sign says about you!

What People Are Saying About Their Blunt Cases

Nathalie Porter

"Blunt Cases Zodiac collection is perfect for showing off who you are and sharing your birth chart with your friends!" 

Alex Smith

"I love my new Zodiac Case. It shows off my zodiac sign perfectly & I can share the QR code with my friends to see our zodiac compatibility."

Sarah Montgomery

"This is the coolest case I've ever purchased! I can access so much just from the Blunt QR code."

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